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Mar 23, 2016

7 Common Ailments an Emergency Vet Will Handle

When it comes to health care, the pet owners will never know when their pets need medical attention. After all, health problems usually come when you least expect it. If you are a pet owner, then you have to remember the following seven common ailments that will require you to get immediate assistance from the emergency vets Wigan.


#7. Indiscreet ingestion or poisoning. If the pets seem to have eaten something they should not have, then that warrants you calling the vets wigan. Most common causes of poisoning in pets include raisins, grapes, chocolate, lilies, human medications, slug poisons, and rat poisons. These types of poisonings can be treated successfully if the pets are just seen by the vet immediately. It might become life-threatening though if the pet starts to absorb the poison into their digestive tract.


#6. Whelping or kittening issues. The dogs or cats that are about to give birth may encounter whelping or kittening issues, respectively. For the dogs, if more than two hours of labor already passed without them giving birth to puppies and she shows symptoms such as green discharge, bleeding, depression, intense contractions, and lethargy, then call a vet. For the cats, it is time to call the vet when twenty minutes of labor has already passed without giving birth to kittens and she shows signs such as depression, gentle traction already causing pain, and fresh blood loss.


#5. Gastric Dilatation Volvulus or bloating. GDV or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus is when the stomach becomes twisted. Any dog suffering from this requires urgent emergency care. A sign that the dog is suffering from GDV is when, after eating a large meal, the dog appears to be listless and starts showing signs of sickness. Seek immediate vet treatment when the dog is showing symptoms of GDV.


#4. Seizure. There are signs of seizure that pet owners should take note of. These signs include uncontrollable tremors and shaking, leg paddling, loss of consciousness, and incontinence. The common cause of this ailment in the pets is epilepsy. If the pet is diagnosed with epilepsy, not all seizures require emergency care. The only time it is necessary to call the 24 hour vets in Wigan from is when the pets are suffering from multiple seizures within 24 hours.


#3. Neurological problems. The symptoms of brain and nerve problems include incoordination, disorientation, severe lethargy, walking in circles, coma, and unresponsiveness. Normally, pets are alert, responsive, and bright. If there is a pronounced change in the mental state of the dog, then it will require immediate attention from the vet.


#2. Eye problems. If eye problems are left untreated, then it will eventually lead to the loss of the pet's eye or blindness. The common signs of ocular problems include discharge, swelling, excessive tearing, redness of the eye, squinting, closed eye, and swelling.


#1. Bites, stings, and allergic reactions. The common signs of these health conditions include hives and swelling around the pet's face. The pets will find these extremely itchy. Severe allergic reactions even cause breathing difficulties. Get a vet immediately after you see these signs.