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Feb 12, 2016

Different Types of Horse Insurance Policies

Horses are a popular pet worldwide. They are not only a popular pet, but they hold lots of commercial value as well. This is mainly because horse related businesses are also very common. Horses have greater value compared to other pets, such as cats and dogs. So, it is important to have an equine insurance policy in place. Here are the 5 different types of horse insurance policies that you can use.

There are cheap horse insurance policies that provide basic protection for your equine friend. They are available for a fixed time and for a fixed amount of money. These policies do not cover long term or serious injuries or illnesses that result in big medical bills. In fact, if your horse sustains an illness, you will have to pay medical bills yourself as a result of which you will not be able to purchase a new policy. This policy also does not cover cost of expensive treatments.

Mid range horse insurance is an insurance policy that is available for longer length. These policies offer better coverage than cheaper policies for medical expenses. The best thing about these policies is that they offer coverage for long term illnesses.

Third type of horse insurance policy is lifetime equine insurance. This is one of the best types of equine insurance. This is mainly because it provides lifetime coverage for health care of your horse. This insurance policy will take away a lot of your burden and help you with vet fees. It is also a good choice to cover the cost of existing ailments.

Fourth type of horse insurance policy is the equine vet costs and every horse owner should have this. Horse costs a considerable amount of money for housing and for feeding. In addition, the regular vet costs can be very high. The equine vet insurance policy takes a good portion of vet fees off your shoulders.

Fifth type of equine insurance coverage is equine quarantine costs. It is important to note that the overall cost of this insurance policy can be high, but it depends upon if your horse travels abroad or may contract a disease or illness that requires the isolation. These policies provide the best coverage for horse health care, but due to their high cost, many people may not be in a position to purchase them. But if you can afford it, it is worth paying more because it will give you peace of mind and cover expensive vet bills.

There you have 5 different types of horse insurance policies. There are many other types of horse insurance policies that you can use, but these 5 are the most common types of all. It is strongly recommended to contact a knowledgeable insurer in order to get more information about all available types of insurance policies. You can also visit to get full information about different types of equine insurance policies. Also, don’t forget to search online for equine insurance and you will get some useful information that might help you choose the best insurance coverage.